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Nillumbik is a semi-rural environment which is home to a beautiful range of indigenous flora, fauna and habitats. Areas of remnant vegetation are somewhat representative to those prior to European settlement. A large proportion of Nillumbik is covered with remnant indigenous vegetation in a range of types, condition and varying conservation status. The main types of vegetation found are Grassy Dry Forest, Valley Grassy Forest, Heathy Dry Forest, and Herb-rich Foothill Forest. Nillumbik supports a high proportion of threatened fauna species, with approximately 72 species listed as threatened in Victoria and 12 listed as threatened in Australia. This includes an important population of Brush-tailed Phascogale as well as some of the only populations of Eltham Copper Butterfly. The Shire supports resident populations of several threatened bird species such as Powerful Owl and Barking Owl and is also occasionally visited by threatened migratory birds such as the Lewin's Rail, Swift Parrot and Regent Honeyeater.