Craneflies of Australia

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Craneflies of Australia, including the long palped craneflies (Tipulidae), short palped craneflies (Limoniidae), long bodied craneflies (Cylindrotomidae), hairy-eyed craneflies (Pediciidae) and winter craneflies (Trichoceridae). While not true (Tipulomorph) craneflies it would also be great to include the elusive primitive craneflies (Tanyderidae).

  • Adam Edmonds

    Hospital Worker with an interest in nature and photography (I'd like to be better at both) - my photos tend to be identifiable, but of limited quality...

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  • Annette

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  • Carol Page

    General Field Naturalist

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  • Christine Seager

    I love our natural environment from micro to macro. I'm keen to record my own little part of this planet for future generations.

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  • Craig Boase

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  • Dacre England

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  • Daniel Heald

    Perth-based Pest control tech (termite prevention, almost exclusively) but a keen amateur invert naturalist since childhood :)

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  • Darren Carman

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  • David Akers

    Member of Friends of Tarra-Bulga National Park take an interest in a range of environments in Gippsland.

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  • Dianne Clarke

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  • Ellura Sanctuary

    Ellura Sanctuary is taken care of to help it's rightful owners, Australian Wildlife. Photo's are taken to help people understand the world around and are posted on 430 native species have been identified on Ellura so far.

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  • Frank Pierce

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  • Glenda Walter

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  • Graeme Cocks

    Amateur Entomologist. My website is, The Insects of Townsville. I have been contributing invertebrate specimens to the iBOL project since 2006. As a result much of what is posted on this website has it's DNA logged with the Barcode of Life Database (BOLD).

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