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The Montmorency Community Group is working with the Banyule Council to establish wildlife corridors through the Shire. One of its initiatives was to install nest boxes in an attempt to attract Sugar Gliders. This project has shown initial success with Gliders definitely occupying boxes.

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    Sighted 25 Jan 2016
    Montmorency Sugar Glider Project 15 March 2016
    Petaurus breviceps
    Taxonomy: Animalia: Chordata: Mammalia: Diprotodontia: Petauridae: Petaurus: breviceps
    Common Names: Gliders, Sugar Glider
    Montmorency Sugar Glider Project says

    They come out of the box every night at dusk, race to the top of their Red Box Gum and glide approx 25 metres to another large red box.

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    Montmorency Sugar Glider Sighting

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    Sighted 25 Jan 2016
    18 Price Ave, Montmorency VIC 3094, Australia