Wooragee Landcare

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Mission Statement Wooragee Landcare is a group, formed by local landholders, which aims to motivate and support landholders, within the catchment, to engage in sustainable land management practices and retain and/or improve the management of our natural environment and its resources for future generations. It will do this by: • Promotion of best land management practices for all types of land uses • Work in partnership with local farmers to ensure sustainability • Encouragement of district wide participation in Landcare activities which will aim to include the many diverse community members • Encourage community interaction via education, sharing of knowledge, restoration works and social events • Development of a district plan • Management of and the protection and restoration of Road Reserves & Crown Land in our area • Being primarily concerned with water quality, revegetation, weed & pest control • Provide assistance, advice and encouragement for native flora & fauna rehabilitation projects.