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Fungimap Inc is a non-profit citizen-science organisation dedicated to raising the profile of Australia's incredible fungal diversity. Our emphasis is on enjoying and learning about fungi and our focus is on macrofungi in the natural environment. Our mottos are 'Putting Australian fungi on the map' and 'Community based science in action'. Fungimap maintains the National Australian Fungimap Database (NAFD) containing nearly 100,000 records and 6,500 images of fungi from over 700 contributors nationwide. This valuable resource is used for research, conservation, and policy purposes and has been provided to the Australian National Heritage Assessment Tool (ANHAT), state and Commonwealth environment agencies, and the Atlas of Living Australia. In addition, Fungimap delivers national and local events and training in fungal identification and surveying, and produces innovative tools for fungal identification, such as the Fungimap CD-Rom and the field guide Fungi Down Under.