Entomological Society of Victoria

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About the Entomological Society of Victoria: The Entomological Society of Victoria is a non-profit scientific society which welcomes professional, amateur and student entomologists as members. The Society's interests lie primarily in entomology - the study of insects, however many members are also interested in other groups e.g. spiders. The Society sees itself as having a role in promoting general interest in invertebrates. For our members, we produce a bi-monthly news bulletin, the Victorian Entomologist. A summary of the Society's aims are: (1) to stimulate the scientific study and discussion of all aspects of entomology; (2) to gather, disseminate and record knowledge of all identifiable Australian insect species; (3) to compile a comprehensive list of all Victorian insect species; and (4) to bring together in a congenial but scientific atmosphere all persons interested in entomology.