Gordon Claridge 18 Nov 2017

Echidna (scat) - Short-beaked Echidna - Tachyglossus aculeatus

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Sighted 18 Nov 2017
1708 Seventeen Mile Rd, Buaraba South QLD 4344, Australia



  • Gordon Claridge 18 November 2017
    Tachyglossus aculeatus
    Taxonomy: Animalia: Chordata: Mammalia: Monotremata: Tachyglossidae: Tachyglossus: aculeatus
    Common Names: Echidna, Echidna
    Gordon Claridge says

    Echidna scat is distinctive and is a good indicator of Echidna presence. Usually somewhat thicker than a man's thumb, it has a smooth exterior and is generally cylindrical in cross-section - to the point of looking "artificial" because it is so precisely cylindrical. Internally its texture is sandy, being a mixture of soil particles and pieces of ant exoskeleton. It is frequently found in open spaces under or between boulders, and in hollows and shallow "caves" on steep to near-vertical rocky areas. It is also sometimes found in open areas where it generally does not last long because of its crumbly consistency. The animals themselves are seldom seen because they mainly move around at night. In the daytime they are easily overlooked because of their low profile and their habit of hunching into a rock-like shape when they sense disturbance.

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