Jess Armstrong 23 Sep 2015

Immature Grey Butcherbird

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Sighted 16 Mar 2015
Melba ACT 2615, Australia



  • Gio Fitzpatrick 23 September 2015
    Cracticus torquatus
    Taxonomy: Animalia: Chordata: Aves: Passeriformes: Cracticidae: Cracticus: torquatus
    Common Names: Butcherbirds, Magpies, Currawongs, Grey Butcherbird
    Gio Fitzpatrick says

    Hi Jess, that's an immature Grey Butcherbird (in its first year). Most people who see them (especially the brown immature birds) mistake them for Kookaburras - so well done! Butcherbirds are ferocious hunters of smaller birds, lizards and large invertebrates. They are so named due to their habit of using sharp spines or branches to hang/impale prey (like a butcher's hook) to help them tear off pieces or save it for later. They fill a similar ecological niche to that occupied by Shrikes in other parts of the world.

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  • Jess Armstrong 23 September 2015
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    Jess Armstrong says

    An unusual visitor to our backyard. I have never seen this bird before or since. It was completely unafraid of us. I am curious as to what it is!

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