Reiner Richter 16 Aug 2015

Helmet Orchids

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Sighted 14 Aug 2015
Hardy Gully, Kallista VIC 3791, Australia



  • Reiner Richter 16 August 2015
    Taxonomy: Plantae: Angiospermae: Monocotyledoneae: Asparagales: Orchidaceae: Corysanthes
    Reiner Richter says

    Corybas=Corysanthes grumula usually grow on trunks of soft tree-ferns (Dicksonia antarctica). They do occasionally grow on soil or other tree trunks with plenty of moss.

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  • Teresa and John 6 September 2015
    Teresa and John says

    Hi Karen, yes I must agree with Reiner – he's pretty up to date with all this.

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  • Reiner Richter 6 September 2015
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    Reiner Richter says

    Yes, many of the new genus names haven't been accepted, possibly because there are so many and I don't know what the justification is for that (probably not genetically). As I said in a comment to another Bowerbird record, all the new genera for Caladenia (Arachnorchis, Petalochilus, Stegostyla, etc) will probably be abandoned as they have done genetic testing on them and they can't be separated on genes (even Glossodia sits in the middle of Caladenia). Personally I like to use Corysanthes because of the naming of the group historically (basically the research information was "stolen" so it could be published sooner; Corybas was the name Salisbury gave them and Robert Brown published a year or two later calling them Corysanthes.

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  • Karen Garth 6 September 2015
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    Karen Garth says

    Gives more support to the use of common names, doesn't it? If we all use Mountain Helmet Orchid, we know which one we are talking about!

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