Reiner Richter 13 Jan 2015

Bee with Long Antennae

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Sighted 24 Dec 2014
Deborah Avenue, Boronia VIC 3155, Australia



  • Ken Walker 13 January 2015
    Homalictus Homalictus sphecodoides
    Taxonomy: Animalia: Arthropoda: Insecta: Hymenoptera: Halictidae: Homalictus Homalictus: sphecodoides
    Common Names: Bees, Halictids, halictid bees
    Ken Walker says

    This is the male of the species. Male bees (except for some Euryglossinae male bees) have 13 antennal segments compared to 12 segments on the female. Although one segment difference does not seem much the above images show the difference. Male antennal segments are longer than wide whereas female antennal segments are as wide as long. Male antennae "just look long" as in this image. The other character to note on this image is on the face. Notice there is no cream coloured marking on the clypeus. The clypeus of Homalictus males is black whereas in Lasioglossum males the clypeus has the lower one third or half cream coloured. Great set of images Reiner.

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