Amelia Duval 4 Jun 2014

Choretrum spicatum ssp. continentale seeds in animal scats under bushes

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Sighted 29 Apr 2014
LOT 105 Rowney Road West, Marcollat SA 5271, Australia



  • Daniel Duval 5 June 2014
    Choretrum spicatum
    Taxonomy: Plantae: Angiospermae: Dicotyledons: Santalales: Santalaceae: Choretrum: spicatum
    Common Names: Santals family, Spiked Sourbush, Spiked Sour-bush
    Daniel Duval says

    The ALA list doesn't appear current Ken. C. spicatum ssp continentale was described in a 2010 paper and the taxon name is current in the census and APNI. Ummm I have noticed this before for some other plant taxa.

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  • Ken Walker 5 June 2014
    Choretrum pauciflorum
    Taxonomy: Plantae: Angiospermae: Dicotyledons: Santalales: Santalaceae: Choretrum: pauciflorum
    Common Names: Santals family, Dwarf Sourbush, Sour Bush, Dwarf Sour Bush, Dwarf Sour-bush
    Ken Walker says

    Choretrum spicatum has now been synonymised with Choretrum pauciflorum - silly taxonomists! (:->! Great finds and images.

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  • Amelia Duval 4 June 2014
    Physical Description

    This rare spiked sour-bush popn is growing in Eucalyptus leucoxylon open woodland in shallow sandy-loam soils over calcrete. The seeds on the ground under the shrubs were mainly contained within scats and appeared entirely cleaned of fruits and undamaged.

    Amelia Duval says

    The scats contained coarse plant material and appeared too large for rabbit scats

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