Karen Retra 2 Feb 2014

Bee for ID

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Sighted 1 Feb 2014
846 Lamport Crescent, West Albury NSW 2640, Australia



  • Ken Walker 2 February 2014
    Afranthidium Immanthidium repetitum
    Taxonomy: Animalia: Arthropoda: Insecta: Hymenoptera: Megachilidae: Afranthidium Immanthidium: repetitum
    Common Names: Bees, Megachilids, Megachild bees
    Ken Walker says

    Hi Karen, This is a really cool record as it is the most southern record of the exotic, invasive Carder bee. These were first recorded from Brisbane and then several years later from Sydney but your Albury record is brand new and well below the known distribution limits of this bee. Here is my PaDIL link: and here is the ALA link showing its known distribution: Tomorrow, when ALA uploads this record, a new dot will appears on the NSW/VIC border. Thanks. I remember you saying something about a "new bee" you had spotted. What a spotting! Cheers Ken

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  • Karen Retra 2 February 2014
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    Karen Retra says

    Not sure there's enough detail in this photo, but would love to hear any suggestions for ID. Was on lavender and wasn't very keen to stay still for a photo!

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