Ellura Sanctuary 31 Dec 2018

Undescribed Antlion


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Sighted 28 Dec 2018
Swan Reach SA



  • Ellura Sanctuary 7 January 2019
    Taxonomy: Animalia: Arthropoda: Insecta: Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae
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  • Ken Harris 21 February 2019
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    Ken Harris says

    Brett, I am finding this one very hard to ID. The closest I can ger is Bandidus breviusculus, which matches quite well in the wing venation, but the markings of the abdomen are completely different and don't seem likely for any Bandidus species. It will have to stay as just Mytmeleontidae for the present.

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  • Ellura Sanctuary 21 February 2019
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    Ellura Sanctuary says

    Thanks Ken, really appreciate you taking the time to review our sighting :-) Cheers Brett

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  • Ellura Sanctuary 31 December 2018
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    Ellura Sanctuary says

    This one came to the night light the other evening. It has very strange fore-wing stiffeners near the body which I can't find on any antlions I look at. They are thicker veins than usual, with the usual membrane between. The body is mottled, not solid colour nor striped, all of which is a bit unusual. Notice the yellow spot on the side of the abdomen (in the ventral shot) I thought the wings had a white patch, so put in a wooden table to highlight it but must have just been a reflection. I've also bumped up the contrast on the wing shots to try and bring the venation out better. Cheers Brett

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