Tamara Leitch 29 Dec 2017

Sticky Hop-bush

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Sighted 22 Oct 2017
Harveys Return Hike, Cape Borda SA 5223, Australia



  • Tamara Leitch 29 December 2017
    Dodonaea viscosa
    Taxonomy: Plantae: Angiospermae: Dicotyledons: Sapindales: Sapindaceae: Dodonaea: viscosa
    Common Names: Soapberry family, Sticky Hop-bush, Broad leaf Hopbush, Candlewood, Giant Hopbush, Narrow leaf Hopbush, Native Hop, Native Hop Bush, Hop-bush, Slender Hop-bush, Narrow-leaf Hop-bush, Hopwood, Wedge-leaf Hop-bush, Sticky Hop-Bush, Tea-tree, Ake-Ake-, Broad-leaf Hopbush, Watchupga, Switch-sorrel, Sticky Hopbush, Akeake, Apiri
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  • Janet Grevillea 29 December 2017
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    Janet Grevillea says

    Tamara, thank you for this wonderful array wild flowers and shrubs. I want to tick "favourite" for them all, but thought this might be a better way.

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  • Tamara Leitch 30 December 2017
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    Tamara Leitch says

    Hi Janet, you're welcome! I came across many plants on Kangaroo Island that I'd never seen before - quite a few endemic to the island - and it was a good time of year too with many of them flowering, so I tried to photograph and identify as many as I could. I'm glad you are enjoying the diversity as much as I did :)

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